What is diamond-cut machining?

Mercedes machined wheel

Diamond-cut machining is a computer controlled process that produces two-tone finishes popular on new wheels.

Please watch the video above to get a quick glimpse into the work involved to obtain this finish.

The process follows the same general steps no matter the wheel involved, if previously machined from the manufacturer:

  1. Chemical stripping of previous coatings
  2. Media blasting to improve adhesion of powder coatings
  3. Probing of the wheel on the CNC lathe to reverse engineer the shape needed to be cut
  4. Manual optimization of the curve by our in-house engineer, Cristian
  5. Color coat applied in powder form and cured. This is usually darker than the exposed metal, but can be silver as is the case in the CLS550 wheels shown above
  6. CNC machining in small increments to avoid weakening the alloy
  7. Clear coat is finally applied, in powder form to the wheel to protect the exposed finish and add the desired finish: Glossy, Super Satin, Matte
Mercedes C63s original machined wheels

Our diamond-cut finishes look 100% original.

The diamond-cut finish adds a sense of class to any wheel, and depending on the shape of your wheels, we can offer this service even if the wheel was never machined from the factory.

There are many options you can choose from when opting for this service:

  • Club Sport Finish – this involves machining of the lips only, applying Black and Super Satin to the wheels for a performance look
  •  Grand Prix Finish – this involves a Black base coat, fully machined wheel faces, Smoked Clear for a darker look, inspired by the BMW M3 Competition F80 generation original wheels
  • OEM refinish – this is the closest we can get to the original look of your wheels. We try to find a base coat that matches, machine the faces completely, apply a Glossy Clear.